Arabesque Stacking Ring

Arabesque stacking ring

SJ Jewellery brings you the Arabesque stacking ring , made from Sterling silver .

Available with :

Rose gold plating

Gold plating

Fine silver plating

Sizes : S (SIZE :  L)  , M ( SIZE : N ) , L ( SIZE : P)



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Hextara Cuff

Hextara Cuff “Defined and crisp cuff”

The Hextara cuff features crisp and bold architectural elements that repeat throughout. Size made to order . Polished finish.

Variations :
Sterling silver
Sterling silver with Rhodium plating
Sterling silver with Gold plating
Sterling silver with Rose gold plating

Your piece of jewellery will be packaged in a luxurious SJ Jewellery packaging for you to keep your piece safe and free from irritants.


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